We just got back from Orlando, where we sponsored Automation Nation 2016 and had our first-ever booth – and what a show it was! We were overwhelmed with the positive response that we received, with a continuous flow of people asking “what’s Third Wall?” We had a great time explaining our new plugin, and how important it is as part of a thorough cyber defense system, and literally everyone agreed that this type of protection is essential in today’s threat environment.

As you know, everyone comes to trade shows with a healthy skepticism of what the “vendors” want to sell them. But we found universally positive response, and signed up dozens of MSPs to our free month-long trial, right there on the spot. We heard comments like “why hasn’t someone done this before” and “this is the best product at the show!” And we had fun not only showing them what Third Wall can do now, but also gave a sneak peek at what it will do with V2, which is due out in just a couple of months. We’re adding 20+ new features to the 29 we already have, which will give you new, critical protection for your systems.

The keynote speaker even helped push Third Wall, although he didn’t know it! He demonstrated how malware gets in via unprotected pathways – which Third Wall will close down for you. Our approach of “least access, least privilege” by using LabTech policies & monitors will be the most important battle line for most companies over the next few years, as cybercriminals find it the best avenue for spreading malware and stealing data. This is why we have fast-tracked Third Wall, to give you a new tool to defend your cyber turf!

We also got many new suggestions, which we will be adding to our next versions. Check back here often, as we will start to reveal our V2 features soon, and you can see what you will be getting.

And please give Third Wall a try – free for a full month! We’ll give price protection to those who do so before V2 is released, so we encourage you to jump in now.

Visit www.third-wall.com now to start your free trial!!