“Implement electronic procedures that terminate an electronic session after a predetermined time of inactivity.”

Words of wisdom every MSP and IT shop should ensure is in place. Even more, it is a HIPAA requirement! If you don’t have this, you will fail HIPAA audits. And if can’t prove that this has been continuously enforced during any audit period, you’ll fail as well.

How can you ensure compliance here? Use Third Wall’s “Enable Password Protected Screensaver” policy. It makes sure that, after a period of inactivity, the displayed data is protected from casual (or not so casual) view. You know that end users walk away from their computer ALL the time and get annoyed that they have to enter a password AGAIN! And, if you allow them, they will disable these essential protections.

With our current release, Third Wall enforces the Password Protected Screensaver in two ways – it activates it per your policy instructions, and then monitors it to catch anyone who tries to bypass it! If it does catch a change, Third Wall will change it back AND send you notification of tampering. This is critical to HIPAA compliance.

With our upcoming V2 release, you will have the ability to easily create a document that shows the period of continuous coverage for each and every policy, including Password Protected Screensaver. You can show that you have complied – and pass the audit.

Third Wall – essential security made easily, with certainty.