Third Wall makes a plug-in for Automate that complements traditional firewalls and AV, with functionality it says is both broader and deeper than Group Policy.

ORLANDO – Tampa-based software startup Third Wall was at the ConnectWise IT Nation Explore event here to show off their plug-in for ConnectWise Automate, the rebranded LabTech RMM platform that ConnectWise acquired in 2015. Third Wall – the name refers to the additional protection they provide beyond the common two walls of anti-virus and firewall – provides similar functionality to Microsoft Group Policy, but with what the company believes to be significantly more capability and flexibility.

The company started four years ago and has been bootstrapped by its partners. They are Scott Springer, the CEO, and CTO Rob Siegmund, who was one of the founders of LabTech.

“We met a few years ago and said that there has to be a way to make this powerful system better,” Springer said. “We believed that we could leverage LabTech to deal with problems……”

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