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Scott Springer
Scott SpringerCEO
Robert Sigmund
Robert SigmundCTO

Our Story

As LabTech Software experts, we are true believers in the power that Automate brings to IT Service Providers and to internal IT departments. Managing a large deployment of computers and servers is a daunting task, and LabTech is the right tool for making it all work.

Over its evolution, LabTech/Automate has brought many great features to the table, incorporating an amazing array of tools for IT management. Remote access, automated remediation, advanced reporting and drill-down, unparalleled monitoring, even a highly-functional ticketing system. All very impressive indeed.

And that is where we come in, bringing even more functionality that you need, right now. Third Wall™ is our first Plug-In for Automate, and we’ve taken direct aim at one of the most critical management challenges around – Cybersecurity. Although there are hundreds of products around to help you with Cybersecurity, we are bringing a different set of tools that work specifically within LabTech, so you have direct control within your LabTech Control Center and all the flexibility of the LabTech platform to be highly effective.

We are not bringing you a new antivirus. Nor are we bringing you a new firewall. Honestly, we assume you have really good a/v and firewalls in place. Those are what we refer to as “the first two walls.” But now, if you look at the world as it is, the biggest remaining threat vector to your precious environments is the “operational vector.” Despite procedures, training, cajoling, and threats of punishment, people and systems let in malware and hackers through improper operational safeguards. Passwords are weak or non-existent, unneeded protocols are left open, end-users are given free rein as Local Admins. We set out to give you the tools to bring up the “Third Wall™” of protection. Without it, you might as well not be protected at all.

Our background has led us here. Robert Siegmund is one of the original founders of LabTech – he knows what it does, what it doesn’t do, and what it can do, probably as well as anyone in the world. Scott Springer is an accomplished business exec, running companies from startup through a $1 billion company with 4,000 people (and tons of vulnerable computers and servers!). We saw within LabTech a unique opportunity to give you a major boost in Operational Cybersecurity – and Third Wall™ was born. We hope you find it a great new tool for making Automate even better and hope you sleep better every night with the knowledge that Third Wall™ is protecting your assets. Because it will, 24 hours a day, every day.