Third Wall Logon Reporting

Information you need, but has been hard to get – until now!

Third Wall can capture every USER logon, logoff, unlock and lock event for your entire client base, and report them by Client.  Absolutely necessary for cybersecurity records – run the Report every month (yes, you can schedule it), save it, and you have a complete archive for your Clients.  Plus, since we automatically pair each logon event with its corresponding logoff event, your Clients also get a great record of employee work habits.  Just when was their computer unlocked (and thus someone was actually working on it)?  How valuable is that information?  Pretty darn valuable, we’ve discovered.

What if you want the same data in a filterable / sortable format?  Just run the corresponding Dataview.  Then you can always answer that nagging question that you never could before (and you know you get this question):  “Was someone in the office after hours on Tuesday?”  Done and done.