Use these documents to Onboard your clients

  • What is the best starting point?  Assume ALL policies will be enabled for a client, and then work backward from there, eliminating those that won’t work for a given client.
  • Read our BLOG on the 17 “no-brainer” policies we think you should deploy to every computer you manage.
  • You’re the instant expert on Operational Cybersecurity.
  • Choose which Third Wall policies work for each client.
  • Click Here to download our policy matrix, which will help you understand how best to deploy Third Wall policies by showing you which ones end users will notice, and how each policy will help you.
How to get started with Third Wall – with “no-brainers” that will likely get no pushback from end users (depending upon your environment)
ThirdWall™ V2 Onboarding Document – use this to interview your clientx to determine which policies are best for each
ThirdWall™ V2 Onboarding Checklist – record your interview answers using this document