Third Wall V2 Operational Instructions

USB Wall Instructions

Third Wall on Automate 12

You’ll find that Third Wall works great on Automate 12, still providing you with easy-to-use interface for all Third Wall functions.​

However, if you are on Third Wall v2.2.1.9 or older, you will need to use the legacy Crystal Reports for our two reports (Login Report and Audit Report), and you’ll need to do a little adjusting to get access to those. They are still there, but here’s what you have to do:

On the Automate12 main screen, click System (bottom left)
Select Configuration / Dashboard
Select Config tab
Select Control Center tab
Check the box on bottom right labelled “Display Legacy Category”
You will get a Legacy icon on the A12 main screen
Click Legacy Icon, select Report Manager
Select the report you want
Specify the Client
Click Print or Print Preview​

If you are a NEW licensee for Automate 12, you may not see the Report Manager in the Legacy section. To enable it, follow these instructions:

Open the Dashboard (System -> Configuration -> Dashboard)
Select the ‘Properties’ tab (Config -> Configurations -> Properties)
Enter ‘UseLegacyReportManager’ in the ‘Name’ field
Enter’ True’ in the ‘Value’ field
Click the ‘Add’ button