How does Third Wall pricing work?

You subscribe to Third Wall on a monthly basis.  We  charge you ONLY for the endpoints you protect with Third Wall, subject to minimums (see below).  You don’t purchase a set number of licenses, you simply deploy Third Wall, and we automatically track your peak usage.  And then, on your monthly bill day, we automatically charge your credit card at your per-license rate and send you a receipt.  It couldn’t be easier!  Oh, and yes, we have a couple of different discounts available – see below.

If you wish to subscribe annually instead (and pay by check or by credit card), just contact  You’ll get a very nice discount!

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DISCOUNTS available

  • Tier discounts based on total volume deployed (not available with 50/50 offer)
  • Annual prepay discount (annual prepay clients only) – if you pay upfront to cover ALL of your agents managed by Automate, we’ll give you a great discount

MINIMUM charges (monthly clients)

We will charge you a minimum for any given month, depending on which product you are licensing.  Standard per product minimums:

  • Gold:  $30/month

We hope you love Third Wall so much that you’ll deploy it everywhere and enjoy the benefits.  If, after a year, you haven’t deployed to at least 25% of your managed computers (those with an Automate agent on them), then our minimum goes to the greater of the standard minimum or an amount equal to the charge for 25% of all of your agents, at the tier-discounted price.  But really – a year is plenty of time to deploy Third Wall, so this will never apply anyway!