Third Wall™ FAQ

If I am in a trial of Third Wall™ and decide to purchase, will I be billed for the remainder of my trial period?

No, we will give you the full trial free of charge, regardless of when you decide to purchase, and will only start billing once that trial period has ended. You do not need to wait until the end of the trial period to purchase – we will keep track of that for you!

Is Third Wall™ difficult to use?

No, Third Wall™ is very easy to use, right from your Automate® Control Center. As a plug-in, it will work seamlessly within your ConnectWise Automate® environment. However, Third Wall™ is a very powerful tool, and we strongly recommend that any user be very proficient at Automate operation and with Windows® itself. Like any powerful tool, improper use by an unqualified person can be dangerous. We also strongly recommend that you test Third Wall™ functionality within a test environment prior to full deployment, so that you fully understand what it can do for you and how to properly use it.

Will Third Wall™ work on virtual machines?

Yes, as long as they are running on a supported Windows version and are being managed by Automate.

Will Third Wall™ work on a cloud version of Automate?

Yes, Third Wall™ will work on either a cloud version or an on-premise version of Automate.

Can I add more computers to Third Wall™ protection?

Yes, simply by activating any Third Wall™ function within a Automate location, you will add all of those computers to Third Wall™ protection. We will automatically detect that via our license server; you will not need to notify us of your action.

Will Third Wall™ work with RMM solutions other than Automate?

No, it is specifically designed for Automate as a direct plug-in, and extends the functionality of Automate in critical ways.

Will Third Wall™ work on my Mac or Linux computers?

No, Third Wall™ only works on Windows-based machines running Windows 7 or later versions (PCs, laptops and tablets) or Windows Server 2008 or later (servers).

Will Third Wall™ charge for all of my Automate Agents?

No, Third Wall™ only charges you for the Automate Locations where you are actively using Third Wall™ protection. Until you actually use a function on any given Location, you will never be charged for it. Once you do use Third Wall™ functionality on any given Location, you will be charged for the number of Windows endpoints within that Location.

What is the pricing for Third Wall™?

There is a monthly minimum per Third Wall™ client, see our pricing page for details. If your per-computer-protected charges exceed this number, then that charge will increase appropriately.

Can I cancel my Third Wall™ subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel by sending an email to requesting cancellation. This requires 30 days’ notice to remove from billing.

How does Third Wall™ calculate my number of active endpoints for billing purposes in a month?

Third Wall™ software has a built-in counter to determine, within a given month, the maximum number of Windows endpoints your operation has under Third Wall™ protection. This is counted by Automate Location – once you use Third Wall™ protection within a given Location, that entire Location is counted until cancelled. We only charge you for the actual number of Windows endpoints within an active Third Wall™ protected Location.

What happens to my license if I deactivate all of the policies for Third Wall™ within a given Location?

Since you still have powerful Third Wall™ protection within that Automate Location available to you, including the extremely powerful “Isolate,” “Lockdown” and “Annihilate” buttons, should you ever need them, we continue billing you for any activated Location even if you are no longer using any policies.  If you would like to fully deactivate a Location and remove it from billing, please send an email identifying which Location(s) you wish to remove to, and we will remove it from your charges for the following month.

Will Third Wall™ work with my antivirus package?

Most likely.  We have structured Third Wall to ensure it will not conflict with antivirus systems. However, we still recommend that you make sure your antivirus has exceptions made for Automate, per their normal instructions.

Will Third Wall™ work with Group Policy?

Yes.  But it is possible to set conflicting policies on Third Wall™ versus Group Policy.  If that happens, then you will see them changing values on your endpoints at the cycle time of their respective monitors – Third Wall™ will alert you via Automate tickets every time this happens, so watch for repetitive changes as an indicator of this conflict.  You should rectify the conflict, by either changing Group Policy or Third Wall™, to ensure that you have consistent policies in both. 

Can I pay via check or PayPal?

No, we only accept credit cards or debit cards with automatic payments set up.  If you would like to pay annually, please contact us at

How do I update my credit card?

Just go to our Update Credit Card page.

What happens to all of my Third Wall™ settings should I cancel?

Once you cancel, we will help you return all settings on all computers where Third Wall™ made a change back to Windows® default.

How can I reach tech support for Third Wall™?

We currently support Third Wall™ via email tech support. Send your email to

Will you add additional features to Third Wall™? Do you take input for added features?

Yes, we plan to add new features every few months. And we welcome your input on new features – please send your requests to  We want to make your environment as safe as possible!