Third Wall™

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Welcome to Third Wall™ by RMM Plus™, the first-ever security-focused plug-in for Automate Software®!  This unique software gives you the ability to easily apply and maintain powerful policies to protect your clients from cyber threats, including viruses, hackers, and data loss/theft, ultimately improving your entire environment.

Our Term & Conditions of sale are as follows:

  • You agree to the EULA for Third Wall™ posted at and to any applicable EULA terms for ConnectWise Automate Software®. 

  • You agree that you have read all descriptions, operating instructions and cautions for all features of Third Wall™, and understand that these must be used properly and with appropriate knowledge of Automate Software® and Microsoft® Windows® systems within your own and your clients’ environments.  You acknowledge that you possess the necessary skills, training, and knowledge to employ Third Wall™ features and you agree to perform appropriate testing of Third Wall™ features before deploying to production environments

  • You understand that Third Wall™ only works as a plug-in to ConnectWise Automate®, and will not work as a standalone system.  You further understand that Third Wall™ only works on Windows®-based computers and servers running Windows® 7 or later versions.

  • By using the Third Wall™  beyond any trial/evaluation period, as agreed to by RMM Plus™, you agree to any and all charges for usage per this agreement, and your use constitutes a sales agreement between you and RMM Plus™, per the terms of this document.

  • Support is available during normal business hours for US Eastern Time, via email only.  Support questions on Automate operations or Windows operations will not be answered.   

  • License is by subscription / SaaS only.  Unless otherwise arranged in writing, you agree to automatic monthly payments via credit card or other mechanisms as approved by RMM Plus™, and agree to maintain your payment method to be current.  We will notify you of all credit card actions and notifications, including card rejections.  If you are unable to correct a rejection within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription.

  • If you select a Free Trial, your first billing period will not start until the end of your Free Trial period, even if you purchase the licenses prior to the expiration of your Free Trial.

  • Pricing will be based on the use of Third Wall™ within your environment.  The calculation will be based on entire Automate Location(s) licensed agent count, as defined within the Automate Software® definitions; activation of any Third Wall™ function on any endpoint within a Location will activate the entire Location, and all endpoints (PCs, servers, laptops, excluding Macintosh® and Linux machines) within that Location will be included for calculation of monthly charges.

  • Monthly charges will be based on the highest level of deployment/usage within your Automate® environment for the prior month, for those Windows®-based machines having an Automate® Agent on them and the Location activated for Third Wall™.

  • You may deactivate an entire environment using the Third Wall™  Location tab to UNDO all policies.  However, that will not remove that Location from our subscription count: to do that, you must request cancellation of that Location in writing to RMMPlus at  At that point, your effective Third Wall™ count for that Location will go to zero (0), although that may not constitute the highest level of deployment/usage for that Location for that month.  Should you activate any function of Third Wall™ on any endpoint within that Location after a reset, then the entire Location is again counted for Third Wall™ charge calculations.

  • The minimum charge per month per customer is as noted on this website, even if you have no Third Wall™ functions activated for any Location.  Once you have activated your subscription, you must cancel the subscription by sending an email to to avoid further charges. 

  • You may cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice by sending an email to

  • If you cancel and restart service within 12 months of cancellation, you will be retroactively charged for any gap in the prior 12 months before we will restart your service, at the greater number of endpoints that were covered at cancellation or at restart.

  • If we deploy a critical update that we deem necessary for you to install, and you refuse to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your service and reset all endpoints to Windows® defaults.

  • RMM Plus™ shall have the right to cancel your subscription for any reason with 30 days notice.

  • RMM Plus™ shall have the right to cancel your subscription and deactivate and / or uninstall your Third Wall™ Plug-In should you fail to remit payment for your subscription.  Should your subscription lapse due to cancellation or non-payment, the settings on all endpoints may revert to Windows® defaults.  Should you remit payment late, we reserve the right to charge late fees at 1.5% per month.

  • You may be liable to Sales / Use Tax within your taxing jurisdiction on any purchases from RMM Plus™, even if RMM Plus™ does not collect and remit such tax.  You agree to check and abide by your Sales / Use Tax obligations.

  • RMMPlus makes no warranties regarding the functionality of any policy or exclusion.  While we have thoroughly tested all policies and functions, your environment may present a situation where one or more policies or functions may not fully work.  RMMPlus shall have no liability for this should it occur for you.

  • RMMPlus has incorporated some functions designed to automatically detect and react to suspected threats.  We do not warrant that Third Wall software will reliably detect all threats, as these threats are constantly evolving to evade detection.  You understand and agree that Third Wall shall not provide 100% protection, but is a valuable improvement to your suite of security tools.

  • You agree and understand that Third Wall does not and will not replace your Antivirus, Antimalware and / or Firewall(s), but is designed to complement these critical tools and enhance your security.

Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Automate is a registered trademark of ConnectWise.

November 2018