A change to Automate’s remote command structure broke Third Wall’s ability to dynamically update remote agents.  This issue is fixed with our new release but some customers may receive tickets after updating the plugin, reporting TW – Out of Version.  If this is seen in your environment, you will need to manually issue the update command to the remotes.

The best way to do this is right-click the ‘All Agents’ group and selecting Commands -> Remote Agent -> Update Plugins.  This will push the update command to all endpoints, resulting in a plugin update and stopping the tickets.

Be aware that unrun Automate commands will time out after 48 hours of issuance.  It is possible after two days of performing the update push individual computers report the same issue.  In this case, right-click the computer throwing the ticket and again select Commands -> Remote Agent -> Update Plugins.

Any tickets already issued will not auto-close.  You will need to either close or simply delete them.

If you perform these steps and are still having issues, please send a note to support@third-wall.com.  Assistance will be delivered.